HDR Photography: A Step-By-Step Guide

What is HDR photography? And how can you use HDR techniques to create one-of-a-kind, breathtaking photos? In this article, I explain everything you need to know about high dynamic range imaging, including: An easy-to-understand explanation of HDR shooting When you should use HDR techniques (and when you should avoid them) Step-by-step instructions for taking HDR … Read more

10 Best Free Online Photography Courses in 2022

With every year that goes past, photography becomes more and more accessible to the average person. Compared to even a decade ago, even the most basic cameras – including those on your smartphone – produce excellent images. Moreover, you can find plenty of free resources and classes that give you all the information you need … Read more

Gigantic 360-Degree Panorama of Barcelona is a Staggering 45 Gigapixels

Photographer Jeffrey Martin has been creating massive gigapixel photos for the better part of a decade. His latest is an enormous 45-gigapixel photo of Barcelona that provides incredible detail of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Martin has been shooting 360-degree photos since around 2002. He created his first large panoramic photo mosaic in 2006 … Read more

19-Year-Old Wins Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographer 2022

19-year-old Jodi Weisz has been named the overall winner of Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographer 2022 for his documentary portfolio of contemporary youth culture. Notable Australasia’s Photo Competition Presented by Fujifilm and organized by Capture — Australia’s leading magazine and website for professional photographers — the contest was open to Australians and New Zealanders with less … Read more

The Financial Squeeze Is Affecting the Photography Industry: Seven Ways to Protect Your Pocket

As waves of international turmoil shake the photographic world, how will the industry be affected? Additionally, there are ways we can protect ourselves from this economic mess? Here are seven options. During the pandemic, people were not spending money. So, there was a short period where those who were lucky enough to have saved could … Read more