Why You Should Stop Working So Hard and Start Selling Your Photos to Collectors

Photographers have three choices when selling photographs. They can be commissioned to shoot for a client, aim for the mass market, or choose to sell fewer, high-quality, collectible images with narrower interest. There are good reasons why you should consider the last option. This morning, I came across a semi-professional landscape photographer’s website whose work … Read more

The Winners of the 2022 Minimalist Photography Awards

Photos by Daniel Denscu | 2022 Minimalist Photography Awards The winners of the fourth annual Minimalist Photography Awards have been announced, and continue to back up the idea that less can sometimes be more. The non-profit competition, initially created by B&W Minimalist Magazine and now in its fourth year, is designed to “recognize, reward, and … Read more

How to Cull and Edit Wedding Photos Quickly

Time is money. That’s nothing we don’t already know but it’s probably the reason you’re interested and wondering how to cull and edit a wedding quickly. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with work during the wedding season or your clients are bugging you for a faster turnaround. Being able to cull and edit a wedding quickly will … Read more

Theo Wenner, Homicide | Collector Daily

JTF (just the facts): Published in 2022 by Rizzoli (here). hardcover (9.5×12.5 inches), 208 pages, with 80 color photographs. Includes an essay by Michael Daly. Design by Studio Lin. (Cover and spread shots below.) Homeicide is also available in a special self-published edition (available at Dashwood Books here). This version is printed entirely on newsprint … Read more

What is brand awareness? – Picsart Blog

Brand awareness is an intangible asset, which means it can be tricky to pin down, not to mention, generate. The good news is that there are plenty of tools, marketing strategies, and metrics you can use to guide you. Read on to learn more about how to increase brand awareness and how to measure it. … Read more

9 Tips for Breathtaking Seascape Photography

Capturing beautiful seascape photos might seem difficult, but it’s not as hard as you might think – once you know a few simple techniques. I’ve been doing seascape photography for yearsand in this article, I share my top tips, including: The best settings for consistent results How to choose the perfect lighting for stunning seascape … Read more

Valuable Creative Insights and Tips for Mobile Photos and Video: We Interview David Ma

David Ma is a director and filmmaker whose cinematic photos and videos of food have caught the attention of both the culinary and creative worlds, earning him a spot in Adweek’s Top 100 Creatives of 2021. In this interview, we learn his valuable creative insights, advice for filmmakers and photographers, and how creating content on … Read more