Heads Up! Possible Meteor Storm on May 30-31

The month of May closes out with a New Moon (moonless sky), to which deep sky astrophotographers always look forward. This month brings a potential bonus of an intense burst of meteors, perfectly timed for North American astrophotographers. In fact, it’s so perfectly timed (for US residents) that it falls on a Monday evening of … Read more

How OM Digital Torture Tests its Weatherproof Cameras

Earlier this year, OM Digital launched the OM-1, which earned the highest weatherproof rating of any camera on the market PetaPixel was given an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at just how intense the company’s torture testing is to assure this unmatched rugged design. Formerly Olympus, OM Digital designs its cameras to withstand far more of the … Read more

The Most Popular Lenses With dPS Readers

It’s time to take a look at the most popular lenses, based on the buying habits of digital photography school readers over the last three months. These lists come from Amazon* data and reveal the lenses most frequently purchased by you, our wonderful dPS family. For many years, the lists have been dominated by Canon … Read more